All About The BluesBerries

The BluesBerries are five-piece acoustic blues band from Steyr, Austria..

We play an rough and ready mix of Delta Blues —a bunch of favourites (Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, etc.) and some more obscure numbers—, ragtime (That'll Never Happen No More & Filthy Rich among others) and the occasional modern song (Dead Drunk & Naked by The Drive-By Truckers and Prison Grove by Warren Zevon). We also perform a number of original songs with lyrics written by Paul and the music supplied by the band..

Paul Herzberg: Vocals

Happiest when doing his own material but glad to interpret others too. Paul sings the blues with all his heart and considerable belly.

He's still not managed that two groupies thing yet, though.
Markus Windhager: Guitar

Markus formed The BluesBerries to give expression to the songs that he couldn't get to play with his other bands.

Quite why he chose to do this with a large drunken Englishman he's not quite sure, but it seems to be working out anyway.

He's the heart of the band and the keeper of the band's musical direction.
Hannes Fehringer: Mandolin, Dobro, Washboard, Rhythm Guitar

The Gentleman —he knows how to play the banjo, but doesn't.

Hannes is the latest member of The BluesBerries. Bringing with him more instruments than I care to name right now and his infectious sense of humour, Hannes adds a unique layer to The BluesBerries sound.

He hopes that one day bluegrass will be legalized.
Markus Riegler: Harmonica, Vocals

Bringing his understated yet powerful harmonica solos and his velvet tonsils, Markus is an essential part of the BluesBerries mix.

Often has the thankless task of explaining Paul's jokes to Austrian audiences.
Walter Bayer: Upright bass, Vocals

The pulse of the band.

A busy man. If all his current band members were laid end to end it would be a party to write home about!

Walter keeps the groove and looks after the sound.



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